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  • What is NakShop?
    • Nak shop is a place for all your wants in one place bringing you genuine and assured goods to your doorstep. 
  • Are products sold on NakShop really genuine?
    • All the products sold in NakShop are 100% original as our products are coming from direct manufacturers and direct suppliers. We do not sell products from unauthorised manufacturers or suppliers of the products/brand we are selling. 
  • Can I change my delivery address after the order is confirmed?
    • Yes the delivery address can be changed if the order is not yet prepared, once the order has been prepared and ready to ship the delivery address can’t be changed.
  • Does NakShop have an offline store?
    • No, we do not have an offline store as we are solely focusing on our online market audience and with it being solely online we can minimize our cost and make our products as affordable as we can. 
  • Are returns/refunds available?
    • Returns and refund are available according to our terms and conditions. For further information please look at our Terms & Conditions. 
  • Can I Cancel the order after it has been confirmed?
    • Cancellation of orders can only be made if the order has yet to be ready to ship. 
  • What are your payment methods?
    • We receive e-wallet, cash, credit/debit card, online transfer for payments.
  • Can I choose my type of delivery?
    • Yes, you can. As we have a few delivering partners. 
  • We are partnered up with Easy Parcel , all delivery fees are calculated by easy parcel based on distance and location . for more information see here.