4711 Ice Eau De Cologne Unisex (100ml)


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4711 Ice Cologne by Maurer & Wirtz, Freshly picked peaches and sweet pineapple combine with refreshing mint leaves to create 4711 ice, a light and lively fragrance from Maurer & Wirtz. This creation is perfect for the morning. Just a small splash will awaken your senses and give you the vibrancy you need to make it through the long day ahead. A hint of soft violet helps the fragrance linger until evening, and rich bergamot extract makes the freshness even more enticing. This aromatic blend features floral notes of violet with a lively cocktail of bergamot, citrus, luscious plum, and tropical pineapple. Violet leaf and a hint of bergamot oil balance the sweetness of the introduction, adding an energetic aromatic element that is irresistible on the skin.