Adidas UEFA Champions Edition Deodorant Body Spray (150ml) For Men


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Inspired by the UEFA champions league football tournament, Adidas champions edition body spray is full of intense emotions, hopes and aspirations just as those on the football pitch, encapsulating all the passion and glory of UEFA championships. The aromatic Fougere scent opens with a zesty burst of lemon intertwined with cool lavender and crisp violet leaves to create an exhilarating freshness. This evolves into an elegant masculine heart notes that are built around the musky-woody tones of cashmere with enlivening accents of green apple and clary sage. Finally, warm and earthy notes of vanilla, smoked patchouli, and moss create a confident and charismatic signature. Refreshing and exalting, Adidas UEFA champions league champions edition body spray is for men who share the love of the game and have the avid desire to become champions of champions. The fragrance will be appreciated by every football fan who dreams of his team lifting the legendary trophy.