Dove Nourishing Secrets Glowing Ritual Body Lotion 400ml


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Dove Nourishing Secrets Glowing Body Lotion is inspired by the natural ingredients used by women in Japan. The body lotion is a delicate blend of rice milk and lotus flower extract. About this product
• Dove body lotion with rice milk and lotus flower extract

• Deeply* nourishes the skin leaving it radiant and silky soft

• Inspired by the beauty rituals of real women in Japan

• Sparkling floral scent to delight your senses

• Dove Body lotion suitable for all skin types

• Dermatologically tested Dove body lotion
Inspired by the real beauty rituals of Japanese women, Dove Nourishing Secrets Glowing Body Lotion is delicately blended with rice milk and lotus flower extract. Japanese women have used these natural ingredients for skin radiance for centuries and we felt this beauty secret was too good not to share. That’s why Dove created this body lotion to deeply* nourish your skin, to leave it looking glowing and feeling silky soft.

Indulge yourself with this dermatologically tested Dove body lotion that’s suitable for all skin types. With a sparkling floral fragrance of lotus flower, you’ll feel your spirits lift as you massage in this scented body lotion. It turns your daily routine into a nourishing Dove skincare ritual.

Perfect for
• Radiant, glowing skin
With a delicate formula blended with rice milk and lotus flower extract, this Dove body lotion deeply* nourishes your skin to leave you with radiant- looking skin that feels silky soft and moisturized

• Japanese inspired skincare
Japanese women have been using rice milk and lotus flower in their beauty rituals for centuries. Rich in vitamins, proteins, and fats, they’re a natural skin moisturizer. Inspired by this ancient Japanese beauty ritual, we created Nourishing Secrets Glowing Body Lotion. So you can also have your own Japanese-inspired glowing skincare beauty ritual at home with this Dove lotion

• Gentle care
Dermatologically tested, this gentle Dove moisturizing lotion has a delicately mild formula that’s suitable for use on all skin types

How to use
Apply our Dove lotion morning and/or night or whenever skin feels dry. Massage gently into the skin. For best results use immediately after showering.