Dried Shredded Squid Spicy 鱿鱼丝 辣味 Sotong Kering Pedas Instant Spicy Squid Shreds 150gram



此鱿鱼乃采用新鲜鱿鱼, 以最新设备及特殊技术在严格卫生品质管理下制成,
营养丰富,味道鲜美且嚼勁十足, 是你全家人都喜爱吃之无上珍品。

主要原料: 鱿鱼肉,胡椒粉和 辣椒。

Tasty snack from Pangkor Island.
This product is manufactured from fresh cuttlefish using hygienic technology under the strict quality control.
It is tasty, nutritious, and nice to chew.

Ingredients: Fresh Cuttlefish, Pepper and Chili.”