DSTACO Kerepek Ubi Masin (Asli)


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Kerepek Ubi Masin (Asli)

Cassava Chips Original

木薯片 (原味)

200 gram / 400 gram

1.Kerepek is made directly from sliced Ubi fruit deep fried without premixed with starch or flour
2. Keropok is made from Pumpkin fruit mess premixed with Starch and flour before go into deep frying.
3. Key element on either product is the oil used for frying which determined the quality and non oily apperance on the finished product
4. Our products are all Grade A products using best species of  fruits ideal for making Kerepek and Keropok and using most premium palm oil from our factory.
5. For Ubi Kerepek we use Taiwanese species which can eat straight from the fruits and more aromatic and Crunchy after deep fried as compared to Grade B using Thai species and Grade C local species. Thai and local species cannot eat straight from the fruit. The taste is bland.
6. You can taste and see the different between Grade A, Grade B and Grade C Ubi Kerepek.
7. This explains why our products of Grade A quality are abit premium compared to normal Ubi Kerepek and Keropok.
8.Our factory is 90% automated less handling by people, as such, more hygienic.
9. We have QC at different stage of manufacturing, hence, better food security
8. Our product do not contain any preservative and are suitable for vegan as they are fruit base.
Hope this help to differentiate our products from the normal Kerepek and Keropok.

Sekali cuba nak lagi!

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200g, 400g