Herbs Bei Qi 野山北芪片 Astragalus Propinquus 黄芪 Huang Qi Slices 黄耆 100g


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– 主要功效
– 补脾益气
– 固表止汗
– 益气升阳
– 利水消肿
– 托疮排脓

Beiqi is also known as Astragalus and Mianqi.
Southerners often call this medicine “”Beiqi”” because Astragalus is produced in the north.
The medicinal materials are preferably those with thick and long roots,
soft quality, broken flour, yellowish white and sweet taste.
Beiqi is sweet and mild in nature, enters the spleen and lung meridians.
It has a strong qi-replenishing effect, and is a commonly used product for nourishing qi and blood.
In addition to its qi-replenishing effect, Astragalus has other functions.
Because of its wide range of uses, it is known as “”one medicine with multiple functions””.
Its scope of application involves internal medicine, external medicine, women, children,
five sense organs, orthopedics and traumatology.
Astragalus is an important Qi-tonifying medicine, and the Qi of the whole body can be nourished.
It can nourish the spleen and stomach, nourish lung and qi, nourish qi and solidify qi, nourish qi and reduce swelling,
nourish qi and produce blood, nourish qi and dredge collaterals,
nourish qi and lift up, nourish qi, support toxin, drain pus and promote muscle.

The ancients admired Beiqi as “”the most qi replenishing medicine””.
– Main effect
– Tonic
– Antiperspirant
– Yiqi Shengyang
– Relieve swelling
– Support sore drainage”