Herbs Chrysanthemum Bud 胎菊花 Kekwa Bunga 杭州菊花 桐乡朵菊 胎菊王 雪菊 Flower Tea 花茶 100g


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– 疏散风热
– 平肝明目
– 清热解毒

菊花味甘苦,性微寒,具有疏散风热、平抑肝阳、清肝明目、清热解毒的功效。 现代研究认为,

– Reduce heat in the body
– Calm the liver and improve eyesight,
– Clear away heat and detoxify

The effect of chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemum tastes bitter, slightly cold, with the effect of evacuating wind and heat,
calming liver and yang, clearing liver and eyesight, clearing away heat and detoxification.
Modern research believes that chrysanthemum contains a variety of nutrients, antibacterial, anti-viral, antipyretic,
anti-aging and so on. Hangju is mainly produced in Tongxiang, Zhejiang Province, etc.
The quality of these places is also the best. Its large petals are wide, yellow-white,
yellow in the center, and the air is fragrant and sweet. It is especially suitable for home drinking.
Chrysanthemum is rich in fleshy taste, sweet and mellow, especially suitable for drinking tea.
It can enhance the function of nourishing the liver and the eye with the same clothes.
It is the eye-protection method for office workers who are accompanied by computers all day long.”