Herbs Gan Cao 甘草 Licorice Slice 甘草片 100g


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Licorice can be selective. This is mainly because licorice contains a substance capable of oxalic acid, which can effectively inhibit the thinning of this substance, and it has direct effect on the skin of the human body, which can be the most direct effect quickly, plus The surface of the skin is blurred, and there will be no skin diseases.

Licorice can also invigorate the spleen and kidney. Licorice can regulate the health of organs. Especially for those of us who have appetites, licorice can form a protective film to relieve physical pain. It can be observed to maintain the health of the organs and the health of the body. .

Licorice is often used to treat the accompanying symptoms at the same time, because licorice contains licorice, which is a similar substance without impurities, and its almost unbalanced impurity content.

【 储存方式:】

【Storage method:】
Can be stored in a dry place at room temperature for 2 months
The refrigerator can be stored for more than 12 months
*It is highly recommended to store in the refrigerator to preserve the quality of the goods and keep them fresh