Hong Fook Fresh Honey Lime 鸿福花粉蜂糖金桔 Fresh Honey Lime 花粉蜂蜜柑吉


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“- 含有丰富维他命C, 能生津解渴下气消炎。
– 帮助消化,消除便秘。
– 传统秘方提炼,纯真天然。
– 成分: 桔子,蜜糖,花粉,冰糖,盐,不含防腐剂和色素。

– It is rich in vitamin C, which can relieve thirst and relieve inflammation.
– Help digestion and eliminate constipation.
– The traditional secret formula is pure and natural.
– Ingredients: Orange, honey, pollen, rock sugar, salt, without preservatives and coloring.


Vitamin C original natural drinks prepared by traditional methods.
Quenches thirst, promotes appetite, alleviates indigestion and reduces constipation.

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