Instant Laver Seaweed Pack 速食紫菜汤包 62g Mushroom Flavor 香菇味 Pork Flovor 排骨味




香菇味 Mushroom Flavor
排骨味 Pork Flavor


✅Storage method: room temperature, ventilated, cool and dry place
Packing method: bagged

1. 促进骨骼发育紫菜中丰富的钙、铁科院促进骨骼、牙齿的生长和保健。

2. 健脑益智紫菜所含的胆碱能提高大脑神经的活性,提高记忆力。

3. 提高免疫力紫菜所含的多糖具有明显增强细胞免疫和体液免疫功能,可促进淋巴细胞转化,提高机体的免疫力。

4. 防治甲状腺肿大紫菜含碘量很高,对缺碘引起的甲状腺肿大有一定的辅助治疗效果。

5. 预防肿瘤紫菜中的有效成分有助于脑肿瘤、乳腺癌、甲状腺癌、恶性淋巴瘤等肿瘤的防治。

✅The efficacy of seaweed
1. Promote bone development, rich in calcium in seaweed, and promote the growth and health of bones and teeth.

2. The choline contained in brain-building nourishing laver can increase the activity of brain nerves and improve memory.

3. Improve immunity The polysaccharides contained in laver can significantly enhance cellular immunity and humoral immunity, promote lymphocyte transformation, and improve the body’s immunity.

4. Prevention and treatment of goiter Porphyra has a high iodine content, which has a certain adjuvant treatment effect on goiter caused by iodine deficiency.

5. Prevention of tumors The active ingredients in laver are helpful in the prevention and treatment of brain tumors, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, malignant lymphoma, and other tumors.

✅How to use: Put a bag of seaweed soup (built-in vegetable bag, powder bag, oil bag), brew with boiling water, and then eat. The taste is increased or decreased according to personal taste.