Mijia Direct Washing and Drying Machine 10kg





【Ready Stock + 2 Year Warranty】Ship from Selangor, Malaysia
【New Generation Direct Drive Motor】To ensure quiet operation, reliability and efficiency.
【22 Washing & Drying Mode】16 of these programs are available directly on the front panel, while the remaining can be controlled through the dedicated Mijia app(Region: China).
【Most Peaceful Helper】50db low noise machine that just like quietly do own job without disturbing you and your family especially 👶.
【1 hour Quick Wash & Dry】Suddenly you have an important event want to attend, but your clothes haven’t wash + it’s raining outside! No worries, let this machine settle for you within 1 hour.
【Hygienic Steam】Removes the odour smell / wrinkles of the clothes
【99.99% Bacteria Elimination】Washes clothes especially for baby clothes with 60 ° C water to keep laundry extra hygienic.
【Intelligent App control】Lets you operate or monitor your laundry anywhere, anytime and Xiaoai Voice Control can remotely control from long distance.

Brand: Xiaomi
Model: XHQG100MJ202
Spin Speed: 1200r/min
Size: 59.5 x 60 x 85cm
Voltage (V): 200V ~ 50Hz
Water Pressure 0.03 – 1.0Mpa, IPX4
Water Volume: 64L

1 x Machine
1 x Inlet Pipe
4 x Transit Bolt
1 x Chinese User Manual

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