Organic Ten Grains Rice 养生有机十谷糧 500g


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It is good to drink ten-meter porridge every day as a staple food, but it is not a good thing to replace the staple food with porridge.
Moreover, it seems that only “”ten-meter porridge”” porridge”” is good. As long as you master the principles,
you can make a variety of coarse grains and miscellaneous beans with a hint of wish to make nine-meter porridge,
ten-meter porridge or even twelve-meter porridge. There is no need. Authentic “”Ten Rice Porridge”” bought at a high price.

A very “”home-made”” porridge made from ten grains of rice, which can be used to make some food for the family,
which is good for health. However, nutrition is never recommended to deify food.
The key to getting health lies in good living habits, and diet is only one aspect of it.”

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