Super Big Red Dried Shrimps 超级新鲜大红虾米 Udang Kering Merah 300g


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1. 虾营养丰富,含有丰富的成分是鱼、鸡蛋、的几倍到牛奶几十倍;还含有丰富的钾、碘、镁、磷等离子及图像A、麻茶碱等成分。
2. 虾中含有浓缩的镁。
3. 虾通的乳作用力,可以反射、钙、对小儿、弹性尤有补益功效。
4. 日本大阪大学的科学家最新发现,虾原体的虾青素还原因时差反应而产生的“时差症”。

Nutritional Value
1. Shrimp is rich in nutrients, rich in ingredients that are several times that of fish and eggs,
to dozens of times that of milk; it is also rich in potassium, iodine, magnesium, phosphorous plasma,
image A, and theophylline.
2. Shrimp contains concentrated magnesium.
3. The milk power of Shrimp Tong can reflect, calcium, and is especially beneficial to children and elasticity.
4. Scientists from Osaka University in Japan have recently discovered that astaxanthin in astaxanthin is also caused by jet lag.”