Thailand Dried Mango Slice 泰国芒果干 Mangga Kering Dried Mango Savoury Healthy Snack 芒果干 水果干 泰国风味芒果干 水果 500g


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它是柔软的,不太硬的芒果香气,带有芒果的甜味。它是维生素 A 和 C 的良好来源。它可以成为极好的随身小吃。

质地柔软,肉质充足,咀嚼起来令人满意。 切成大小合适的小块,

Eating dried mango is a sweet and easy way to increase your overall nutrient intake,
and have a convenient snack on hand whenever you get hungry.
It is soft, not too hard, mango aroma with sweetness of mango.
It is a good source of vitamin A and C. It can be an excellent on-the-go snack.

The texture is soft, the meat is plentiful, and the chewing is satisfying.
Cut into small pieces of the right size,
these are a perfect substitute for healthy snacks that can be chewed at work or shared with your colleagues.