Lifebuoy Bar Soap Sabun Total 10 (125g x 1)


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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: When we were kids, we seldom fell ill with stomach infections, cough, or cold. But nowadays, kids get ill very frequently. This is because infection-causing germs have become stronger. What you need is stronger protection. Lifebuoy Total 10 has a powerful formula that provides strong protection from infection-causing germs. Awash with this antibacterial Total 10 soap will invigorate your senses. The rich lather will penetrate deep into your pores, remove germs, and will leave your skin feeling protected, cleansed, and refreshed. -Lifebuoy is the world`s Number 1 Germ Protection Soap
-Lifebuoy Total 10 Germ Protection bar soap provides a deep cleansing experience
-Gives you protection from 10 infection-causing germs
-For advanced germ protection round the clock
-Helps keep you and your family one step ahead of infections