Mijia Smart Air Fryer 3.5L





【3.5L Large Capacity】Can fit an entire chicken or make enough food for a family of 5.
【360° Hot Air Circulation】To ensure the food is heated evenly and more crispy taste like a fryer but just using little oil.
【Adjustable Temperature Range】It can be adjusted in a wide temperature range of 40-200°C from defrost, fermentation, baking, air frying, and even can be used as a yogurt maker too!
【24 Hours Appointment Function】You can set an appointment time to schedule cooking. Like just in time when u reached home from work, then you can get a hot and crispy fried chicken to eat. Yum
【Over 50 Online Recipes】Support MIJIA app (Region: China) connection with users to access over 50 recipes or make custom cooking mode.
【Smart Control】Support voice control through Xiaoai assistant to control and schedule cooking.
【Non-Stick Coating】Easier to Clean.
【Auto Power Off】Automatically power off if the pan is removed and continue immediately the pan is slid back in without any need to restart the fryer.

Model: MAF01
Material: Alloy
Rated Voltage: 220V~
Rated Frequecy:50Hz
Product Weight:3.9KG
Rated Voltage: 1500W
App Connection: Wi-Fi
Product Size:33.5 x 28.2 x 30.4cm

1 x Air Fryer
1 x User Manual

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