Xiaomi Smart Dish Washer





【Save time】 Washing dishes by hand will take more than 20-40 minutes per day, it can help you to save time for lesser house work
【Save water】 It can save up to 5.3L per usage compare to hand wash
【6 washing modes】 Standard washing, Strong washing, Energy- saving washing, Quick washing, Glass washing, disinfection washing
【Intelligent App control】 It can support Mijia App to remind us for water shortage, set appointment and Xiaoai Voice Control can remote control from long distance
【Big space]】Clean up to 32 pieces of tableware
【6D double spray system】 Multi-directional powerful clean, upper and lower double layer spray with 11000Pa strong stain remover
【Active Circulation Ventilation】It built in high quality fan, fresh keeping when under active state and also replace of fresh air in every 30 minutes
【Desktop free installation】 It can adapt to different types of kitchen

Brand: Mijia
Model: VDW0401M
Drying Mathod: Fan Drying + Residual Temperature
Drying Washing Method:6 Spray
Types Installation Method: Tableware
Loading Capacity:4 Sets Standard
Water Consumption: 5.3L (energy-saving washing)
Rated Water Pressure:0.04-0.4MPa
Control Method:Button
Control Power: 900W
Voltage: 220V Frequency:50Hz

1 x Dishwasher
1 x Female fine thread adapter F22
1 x Female fine thread adapter F20
1 x Female coarse thread adapter F20
1 x Small wrench
1 x Male adapter M24
1 x Male adapter M22
1 x Male adapter M20
1 x Sucker
1 x Water inlet pipe
1 x Drain pipe
1 x Clamp
1 x Three-way valve
1 x Quick start guide
1 x User Manual